3 Classified Ad Writing Tricks to Get More Exposure

Classified advertising has been around for a long time now, but still many people struggle to write an ad that converts. You can become very successful by running ads that are capable of converting. The plus point of classified advertising is that it can offer great long results if done right. Classified ads are very lucrative but you must learn how to do it right. That’s what the rest of this article will teach you how to do.

All experienced ad writers know how important the ad’s headline is and now you do too; you should make a serious effort in creating a headline that will make the reader stop and read your ad rather than the rest that are on the page. You have to convey a strong message about the product you’re promoting, which means that unless your headline contains the main unique selling point of your product, there’s no way that you can make it successful. You’ll know when a headline is working because you’ll get responses. Your ads will be able to convert 3 times better when your headline is more appealing and relevant. The secret to finding the most powerful headlines is to run small tests and see how your market reacts towards them; if they convert then run more of the same ad in various places but always run small scale tests first.

Your product has dozens of benefits; list all that you can come up with. Now you are to check off all of the most powerful ones. It’s almost like you’re carving out the best ad by excluding the unnecessary points. Your ads will be filled with benefits that will attract people’s attention to your offer. Writing everything down like this will allow you to get creative with coming up with attention-grabbing benefits. If you want to win at this game then you need to learn to identify and push the benefits that your products provide as hard as you can.

Tip number three, always promote your products in an ethical manner. You also want your ads to convey honesty and integrity so it is wise to avoid the use of certain words and phrases. Try to keep your ad as balanced as possible so that your prospect knows the purpose of your ad. Not only will your message be stronger but you won’t risk the likely chance that your dishonesty will be exposed and you losing the reputation that you took time to build. All in all, there is more to a classified ad than just stringing a few words together. Classified ads are very powerful when done the right way so you need to take the time to learn how to craft effective ads. So go ahead and apply the above tips to get the most out of your classified ad.